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Multistate Outbreak of Fungal Meningitis and Joint Infections Associated with Contaminated Steroid Medications
October 17, 2012


BMAGC Membership Application
Visit the Useful Links page for access to many Boeing retiree benefits
If you know of any member illness, or other problem, please contact Vicki Lee
BMAGC wants to know what you think of the various events provided for the membership. Please forward your likes and dislikes to Vice President
Please consider recording your Volunteer Hours


Event News (11/21/12)

Me Shoot Pool? Ladies, have you always wanted to but never had a chance? Or you used to and would like to get back to it. Lou Mansfield is organizing a “Ladies Only Pool Session.” At my home in Queen Anne, Seattle. No experience required. If you’re a pool expert help teach other Ladies to shoot pool. If interested contact Lou Mansfield via email or call 206-284-9138.

Event Coordinators Wanted! Planning the 2013 Event Calendar is underway. What an exciting year ahead of us! We plan to have lots of activities and need event coordinators for them. Let’s start hosting events for our Gold Card members. Following are sample events:
• Heritage Potluck – Bring food item(s) from family recipes.
• Gold Card in Your Neighborhood "Oldies but Goldies" - informal meetings near your zip
• Travel Seminar – How to Pack!
• Luncheon Speaker Series
• Museum of Flight, Space Shuttle Trainer Exhibit
If you are interested in becoming an event coordinator or have other ideas for events please contact Lou Mansfield via email or call 206-284-9138.


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Event News
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- Event News
Items for sale
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- BMAGC Jackets & Caps for sale
Civic Affairs
Updated 01/13/12

- Thanks to you, these hoopsters scored some new sweats
Updated 11/01/12
- Featuring November 2012 newsletter
Updated 01/13/11

- Spotlight on Bill Beeby, "Mr CAD/CAM"
- Spotlight on Mary Jane Naehter, (Oldest Working Employee?)

Event Calendar
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- Upcoming events 2012

Golf News
Updated 09/24/12


- North Shore Prize List
- Lk Spanaway Prize List
- Auburn Payout for August 2nd

- High Cedars pictures

Health & Welfare
Updated 07/24/12

- Nanoparticles and Your Health
- Whooping Cough hits Seattle Area

New Events
Updated 03/21/12

- Education seminars & events
- Francis J. Gaudette theatre schedule and ticket pricing
- Everett Performing Arts theatre schedule and ticket pricing

Bowling News
Updated 09/17/12
- South League Bowling is Starting
Updated 01/13/11

- Your resource for Senior Information
Future of Flight
Updated 01/13/11
- The Future of Flignt Aviation Center and Boeing Tour
Event News
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- BMAGC recognition lunch pictures
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- Updated volunteer opportunity information.

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